In bed, an old man farts, humorously assigns it “seven points,” and shares a chuckle with his wife.

An old man and his wife, both well into their golden years, were accustomed to the peaceful routines of their quiet life together. They shared a comfortable bed, nestled under the warmth of their cozy blankets, night after night.

One evening, as they lay side by side in the dimly lit room, the stillness was broken by an unexpected sound. The old man, not one to hold back his natural bodily functions, let out a rather audible fart. Without missing a beat, he turned to his wife and playfully exclaimed, “Seven points.”

His wife, initially startled by the sudden interruption of their silence, couldn’t help but burst into laughter. “What in the heck is this game, dear?” she responded, wiping away a tear of amusement.

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