Mummy, when you were away at work, a strange lady came around

A little girl says to her mother: “Mummy, when you were away at work a strange lady came around”… “Not now,” says Mummy. “Wait until Daddy gets home.” So they wait until Daddy gets home, and the air is thick with curiosity and anticipation.

As the sun sets and Daddy’s car pulls into the driveway, the little girl’s excitement knows no bounds. She had been waiting all day to tell her story, and now was the moment. With a burst of enthusiasm, she begins, “Daddy, you won’t believe what happened today.”

Daddy smiles, intrigued, as he settles into his favorite armchair. The little girl continues, “When Mummy was at work, a strange lady came around. She knocked on the door, and when I opened it, she had a big smile. She said she was our new neighbor and wanted to say hello.”*

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