Jim calls in sick to work, but his reason takes an unexpected turn when his boss responds with an unusual suggestion.

Jim was known for his reliability at work. He rarely took a day off, so when he called his boss to say he couldn’t come in because he was sick, it raised some eyebrows.

His boss, Mr. Thompson, knew that Jim was a dedicated employee. He asked, “Jim, are you sure you can’t make it to work today? We have an important presentation to the clients, and your input is crucial.”

Jim’s response was a weak and raspy, “I’m really not feeling well, boss. I have a terrible headache, a stomach ache, and my legs are killing me. I can’t even get out of bed.”

Mr. Thompson thought for a moment. He was in a tight spot, but he also cared about his employees. “Jim, I understand you’re not well, but we really need you today. Can you at least try to make it in?”

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