across the face, revealing a shocking twist in the encounter.

across the face. Stunned, the driver, named Jack, winces in pain, his eyes wide with disbelief. The second man, Alex, sitting in the passenger seat, looks on, equally perplexed.

“What was that for?” Jack demands, rubbing his stinging cheek.

The police officer, a stern-faced constable named Inspector Harris, doesn’t utter a word. Instead, he gestures for Jack to step out of the car. Bewildered, Jack complies, while Alex eyes the unfolding scene with growing concern.

Inspector Harris leads Jack to the rear of the vehicle, away from the prying eyes of the passing traffic. Once they are out of earshot, the officer speaks in a hushed tone, “You match the description of a suspect we’ve been tracking for weeks. Now, don’t make a scene. We have reason to believe you’re involved in a string of recent burglaries.”

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