corner to another, hunting for prey. The carpenter, unaware, returned the next morning.

corner to another, hunting for prey. The carpenter, unaware of the dangerous visitor, returned the next morning to resume his work.

As the carpenter unlocked the workshop door, he noticed a subtle movement in the dimly lit space. Startled, he stepped back, his eyes widening as he saw the sleek, black cobra coiled near the workbench. Fear gripped him, but he knew that any sudden move could provoke the venomous serpent.

Summoning all his courage, the carpenter cautiously backed out of the workshop and called the local animal control. The snake expert, Mr. Singh, arrived promptly, armed with a snake-catching stick and a bag for safe transport. He assessed the situation and devised a plan to safely capture and relocate the cobra.

The carpenter anxiously watched from a distance as Mr. Singh expertly handled the dangerous task. With swift and deliberate movements, the snake charmer skillfully trapped the cobra in the bag, ensuring the safety of everyone involved. The carpenter, grateful for Mr. Singh’s expertise, thanked him profusely.

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