Dying friend for a final message; emotions raw in the chaos of war.

closest companion, Thomas, to cover him as he crawled towards the fallen comrade. The air was thick with the acrid scent of gunpowder and the distant echoes of artillery. As the soldier reached his friend, he realized the gravity of the situation. Thomas lay motionless, a pool of crimson spreading beneath him.

Desperation clawed at the soldier’s throat as he frantically searched for any sign of life. A weak pulse under his trembling fingers brought a glimmer of hope, and with adrenaline-fueled determination, he hoisted Thomas over his shoulder and navigated the maze of trenches back towards the relative safety of their lines.

The journey was harrowing, with bullets snapping overhead and the distant screams of agony serving as a haunting backdrop. Finally reaching the medic station, the soldier pleaded for help, his eyes reflecting the trauma he had witnessed. The medics, hardened by the brutality of war, worked quickly to stabilize Thomas, but the soldier couldn’t shake the sinking feeling that something more sinister lurked in the trenches.

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