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Strolling past a mental hospital, a man’s watch stops

he hears voices from the mental hospital chanting, “13… 13… 13…” Intrigued and slightly unnerved, he peers over the fence to see a group of patients engaged in this curious chant. Their eyes meet his, and a chill runs down his spine.

Driven by both curiosity and the need to know the time, he approaches the entrance of the hospital. A friendly nurse greets him and asks if she can help. The man hesitates but then explains his situation, hoping someone can assist with the time. The nurse, glancing at her watch, informs him that it’s a quarter to two.

Relieved, the man thanks her and turns to leave. However, the curious chant continues to echo in his mind. Unable to resist, he decides to linger a bit longer, wondering what significance the number 13 holds for the patients.

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