Blonde denied TV; returned with brown hair.

The salesperson, stunned by the determination of the blonde, gazed at her in disbelief. “I’m sorry, miss, it’s not about your hair color. That TV is out of stock,” he clarified.

Disappointed but undeterred, the blonde nodded, understanding the situation. Determined to acquire the TV she desired, she decided to approach the situation differently. She left the store and returned the next day, not with a new hair color but with a formal complaint and a resolve to address the discrimination she faced.

Speaking to the store manager, the blonde expressed her dismay at being refused service based on her appearance. She highlighted the importance of fair treatment for all customers, regardless of superficial characteristics. Impressed by her articulate argument and recognizing the significance of the issue, the manager apologized profusely and offered her a discount on any product of her choice.

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