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Class learns meds’ uses; Johnny shares first.

“Um, my mom gives me cough syrup when I have a cold. It helps me stop coughing,” said the first student, nervously fidgeting with his pencil. Sister Catherine nodded, encouraging the class to share their knowledge.

Excitement flickered in little Johnny’s eyes as he raised his hand enthusiastically. “My dad takes pills for his heart. They keep it healthy!” The class listened intently, eager to learn more.

Sister Catherine smiled warmly, “That’s wonderful, Johnny! Medicines indeed help keep our bodies healthy.” She pointed at Sarah, a studious girl in the front row, inviting her to share.

Sarah adjusted her glasses and spoke confidently, “My grandma uses insulin. It helps her manage her sugar levels because she has diabetes.” The class murmured in understanding, realizing how medicines could assist in various health conditions.

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