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Man realizes he’s dead while walking with his faithful dog

The man, stunned and bewildered, struggled to process the realization that he was, in fact, deceased. Yet, he found solace in the presence of his loyal canine companion trotting beside him. Memories flooded backā€”the accident, the blinding lights, and the overwhelming sense of leaving his physical form.

As he continued walking, a sense of serenity enveloped him. The scenery remained vivid and vibrant, even more so than before. The colors were richer, the air crisper, and the sound of rustling leaves and distant birdsong more melodic.

Amidst the ethereal landscape, the man spotted a figure in the distance. It was a serene-looking individual, radiating an otherworldly aura. As he approached, the figure welcomed him with a warm smile. “Welcome, traveler,” the figure greeted in a calming voice that resonated within the man’s essence.

The man, still grappling with the reality of his demise, hesitated before asking, “What happens now? Why am I still here?”

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