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Martín asks parents for solo trip to grandma’s

Martín was a bright and inquisitive young boy who adored spending time with his beloved Grandma. Each month, his parents would embark on a short trip to visit her, always returning on the same train the following day. As Martín grew, his yearning to make the journey alone intensified.

One day, with a determined gleam in his eyes, he approached his parents and declared, “I’m already grown up. Can I go to my grandma’s by myself?”

His parents, initially taken aback by Martín’s request, exchanged hesitant glances. The idea of their young son traveling independently weighed heavily on their hearts, mingled with a sense of pride in his maturity.

After much contemplation, they decided to test Martín’s readiness. They laid down ground rules and precautions, emphasizing the importance of responsibility and safety during the journey.

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