Modestly dressed couple enter Harvard President’s office unannounced

The secretary, busy juggling phone calls and paperwork, glanced up, surprised by the unannounced visitors. She peered over her glasses at the humble couple and inquired politely, “Do you have an appointment?”

The woman, her eyes reflecting a mix of nervousness and determination, spoke softly, “No, ma’am, but we traveled a long way to see the President, if he could spare us a moment.”

Impressed by their sincerity, the secretary sensed there was something more to their visit. She picked up the phone, informing the President’s assistant about the unexpected guests. To her surprise, the assistant responded, “Please, bring them in.”

Guiding the couple through the corridors adorned with prestigious accolades and scholarly achievements, they finally arrived at the President’s office. The President, engrossed in paperwork, looked up and warmly greeted them, “How can I help you?”

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