No one wanted to bunk with Steve due to his loud snoring.

Amidst the serene woods, three friends ventured to their annual deer camp, ready for days of hunting and camaraderie. However, their excitement was tinged with concern, for the lodging situation presented a challenge—two to a room, and the issue of Steve’s infamous snoring lingered in their minds.

Steve, a jovial and affable companion, had a reputation for producing a symphony of snores that could rattle the walls. The thought of enduring a sleepless night haunted the other two friends, Tom and Mike.

As they settled into their accommodations, an uncomfortable silence hung in the air. Eventually, the topic of room assignments surfaced. Tom and Mike exchanged hesitant glances, neither willing to voice the unspoken dread of bunking with Steve.

After a tense moment, Tom suggested, “Hey, why don’t we take turns bunking with Steve?”

Mike nodded in agreement. It seemed like a fair solution, sparing each of them from enduring Steve’s relentless snoring for consecutive nights.

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