Man drove wife’s cat 20 blocks away; cat beat him home.

The man, named Greg, had never quite warmed up to his wife’s cat, Whiskers. Despite numerous attempts to bond, their relationship remained fraught with tension. One fateful afternoon, his frustration reached a tipping point, and he made a rash decision.

With a clenched jaw and a determination to be rid of the source of his annoyance, Greg scooped up Whiskers, seething with irritation, and drove twenty blocks away from his residence. At the park, he opened the car door, releasing the cat into the unfamiliar surroundings, believing he’d finally solved his problem.

Relieved and somewhat satisfied with his action, Greg turned the car towards home. However, as he approached his driveway, a peculiar sight befell him. There, strutting confidently up the street, tail held high, was none other than Whiskers, the despised feline he had just abandoned.

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