Man enters pub with suitcases, sports giant watch.

The evening was bustling with the usual chatter and clinking glasses as the door of “The Thirsty Tavern” swung open, welcoming a man with two suitcases in tow. He strode confidently to the bar, the heavy click of his shoes echoing in the air. With a faint smile, he gently placed the cases on the floor beside him and signaled the bartender for a drink.

As the bartender poured a pint, his eyes fell upon the stranger’s wrist, where an oversized, gleaming watch rested conspicuously. “That’s a large watch,” he remarked, his curiosity piqued.

The stranger glanced at his wrist with a grin. “Ah, yes. This watch has a story of its own,” he replied, his voice carrying an air of mystery.

Intrigued, the bartender leaned in, eager to hear more. “Do tell,” he urged.

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