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Pigeon passenger surprises young man on flight.

The young man, named Alex, boarded the plane for what he anticipated to be a routine flight. Settling into his seat, he noticed something unusual—a pigeon strapped into the seat beside him. Baffled by this unexpected sight, Alex glanced around to see if anyone else shared his surprise, but it seemed as though he was the only one puzzled by the bird’s presence.

As the plane taxied and soared into the sky, Alex’s curiosity about the pigeon intensified. He cautiously glanced at the bird, trying to comprehend the situation. To his astonishment, the pigeon seemed to be observing the in-flight safety instructions with remarkable focus, occasionally nodding as if comprehending the information.

Once the seatbelt sign turned off, Alex attempted to strike up a conversation with the pigeon. “Hi there,” he ventured tentatively.

The pigeon glanced at him, its eyes surprisingly expressive. “Hello!” it responded in a voice that sounded like a mix of chirping and human-like speech.

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