Small but mighty, the little red hen ruled the farm.

determined and industrious creature on the entire farm.

Despite her small size, the little red hen had an unyielding spirit and an insatiable work ethic. Every morning, before the sun even peeked over the horizon, she would rise with the rooster’s crow and diligently tend to her chores. She would cluck her way through the barn, pecking and scratching, ensuring everything was in its rightful place.

The other animals in the barn, from the hefty cows to the chatty geese, often observed her tireless efforts. They marveled at how she single-handedly managed to keep her space neat and organized, tending to her chores without complaint.

One fine day, while the hen was carefully arranging her nesting area, she stumbled upon some seeds nestled in a forgotten corner of the barn. With an air of excitement, she sought help from the other animals, eager to plant and cultivate the seeds into a bountiful harvest.

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