Akbar dreamed of a moonless night where he couldn’t see Birbal.

continued to walk, relying solely on the sound of their footsteps to guide them. As they walked, Akbar suddenly stopped and called out, “Birbal, where are you? It’s pitch black, and I can’t see a thing!”

Birbal, walking nearby, replied calmly, “Yes, Your Majesty, it’s indeed dark. However, if we close our eyes and listen carefully, we might notice something.”

Akbar followed Birbal’s advice and closed his eyes. In the silence of the night, he concentrated on the sounds around him—the rustling of leaves, the distant hoot of an owl, and the soft swish of the wind. As he focused, Akbar noticed the distinct sound of Birbal’s footsteps and the rhythm they created amidst the darkness.

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