Despite struggles and dyslexia, my story remains unknown.

challenging than most. The world saw my achievements, but not the obstacles I overcame.

Growing up without a father was tough. My mother worked tirelessly to provide for us, but the absence of a paternal figure left a void. Despite the hardships, she instilled values of perseverance and resilience in me. She often said, “Your circumstances don’t define you; your actions do.”

My journey through school was fraught with challenges. Dyslexia made reading and writing difficult. Words jumbled on the page, and letters seemed to dance around, making comprehension a struggle. I felt misunderstood, often labeled as lazy or unintelligent by teachers and peers who didn’t comprehend my learning difference.

Changing schools frequently due to our family’s relocation exacerbated the situation. Each transition brought new academic standards and social adjustments. While classmates seemed to effortlessly adapt, I felt like an outsider, trying to find my place in unfamiliar surroundings.

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