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He finds solace in a bar after a failed store trip for cigarettes.

, the man noticed the ambient murmur of chatter and clinking glasses. He strode toward the vending machine tucked in the corner, the neon lights casting a warm glow around the place.

As he fished out the coins from his pocket, he noticed an old jukebox humming tunes from a bygone era. His eyes scanned the room and settled on a figure seated at the bar—a weathered man with a greying beard, staring into his drink with an air of quiet contemplation.

Curiosity sparked within the man. He decided to strike up a conversation as he waited for the vending machine to process his request.

“Mind if I join you?” he asked, taking a seat on the stool next to the stranger.

The man at the bar glanced up, acknowledging the newcomer with a nod. “Sure, take a seat.”

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