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My son, a woman could be a financial burden if she disregards your future.

financial partner or a significant liability depending on her values and priorities. These were the words of wisdom that echoed in David’s mind, imparted by his father, a seasoned businessman who believed in the importance of financial prudence in relationships.

David, a diligent young professional with aspirations and a clear vision for his future, found himself deeply smitten by Sarah, a charismatic and vivacious woman he met at a mutual friend’s party. Their initial conversations were effortless, filled with laughter and shared interests. However, as their relationship blossomed, David’s father’s advice echoed in his thoughts.

Despite his father’s cautionary words, David found himself swept away by Sarah’s charm. He spared no expense on lavish dinners, weekend getaways, and thoughtful gifts to shower her with affection. However, he noticed a pattern—Sarah never initiated conversations about their financial future. She seemed content with the attention and the luxurious lifestyle David provided.

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