Funny Joke

flagpole,” Ray answered, scratching his head.

The woman, intrigued, looked up at the towering flagpole and then back at Ray and Bob. “You’re supposed to measure the height?” she asked, a curious smile playing on her lips.

“Exactly,” replied Bob. “But the problem is we don’t have a ladder long enough, and this is a tall pole.”

The woman chuckled softly. “I think I can help you with that. Follow me,” she said, leading them to a nearby shed where a measuring tape lay.

With the measuring tape in hand, they attempted various methods to determine the height, but to no avail. The woman, noticing their struggle, pulled out her smartphone. “Let’s try a different approach,” she suggested, opening a leveling app on her phone.

Together, they positioned the smartphone at the base of the flagpole, using the app to measure the angle and distance. After a few calculations, the app displayed the approximate height of the flagpole.

“Wow, it’s that easy?” Ray exclaimed, amazed.

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