A startled lion awoke when a playful mouse crossed its path, prompting a furious search for the culprit.

Once upon a time, in the heart of a vast and verdant jungle, there existed a majestic lion named Leo. Leo had claimed a large cave nestled beneath a grand old oak tree as his domain. This was where he spent most of his days, basking in the warm sunlight that filtered through the thick canopy.

One serene afternoon, while Leo peacefully slumbered in front of his cave, a tiny mouse named Milo, a resident of the forest, was scampering about nearby. Milo was an energetic and curious little creature, always exploring the world around him. Unbeknownst to him, his playful antics would soon stir up unexpected trouble.

In the midst of his frolicking, Milo unwittingly scurried over the lion’s massive body. Leo, abruptly awakened from his peaceful slumber, sprang to his feet, his eyes blazing with fury. His rest had been disrupted, and he was determined to find the source of this unwelcome disturbance.

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