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An elderly couple paused their road trip for lunch at a roadside eatery before continuing their journey.

paused at the door, glancing back into the bustling diner. She noticed a young waitress, her tired eyes betraying a hidden burden. Sensing something amiss, the elderly woman turned to her husband, sharing a silent exchange before approaching the waitress.

“Excuse me, dear,” the elderly woman said gently, placing a hand on the waitress’s shoulder. “Is everything all right?”

The waitress, startled by the unexpected concern, hesitated before forcing a smile. “Yes, ma’am. Everything’s fine, thank you.”

But the elderly woman sensed otherwise. With a warmth that eased the waitress’s guard, she spoke softly, “You don’t have to pretend with us, dear. We’ve been around long enough to recognize when something weighs on a person’s heart. Is there anything we can do to help?”

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