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The wife sent loving texts; the husband replied with practical messages.

One afternoon, the wife, Margaret, sat on their cozy porch, overlooking their well-tended garden, typing away on her phone. She was a dreamer at heart, always finding joy in expressing her love through heartfelt messages. Her husband, George, sat nearby, engrossed in his newspaper, occasionally glancing at Margaret with a faint smile, amused by her newfound fascination with texting.

Margaret, with a twinkle in her eye, sent George a tender message: “My dearest George, the flowers bloom beautifully in our garden, just like my love for you blooms each day. Thinking of you always. ❤️”

George, a pragmatic man of few words, received the message while sipping his afternoon tea. Chuckling to himself, he tapped out a reply: “Glad the flowers are doing well. Don’t forget to water them. – George.”

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