Start your journey with this gift of love.

“My dear daughter, take this as a symbol of a new beginning,” her mother said, handing her the passbook with a tender smile. The bride’s eyes shimmered with surprise and gratitude. She hugged her mother tightly, feeling overwhelmed by the significance of the moment.

With a heart brimming with emotions, the bride glanced at her husband, who stood by her side. He gazed at her with love and reassurance, understanding the silent conversation between mother and daughter. They were ready to embark on their journey together, hand in hand, supporting each other through thick and thin.

As the guests bid their farewells and the euphoria of the wedding settled, the couple found themselves in their new home. The bride carefully placed the passbook in a drawer, a cherished reminder of her mother’s love and wisdom. She couldn’t wait to start their life together.

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