Funny Joke

The donkey and tiger disputed grass color; arbitration ensued.

Once the dispute between the donkey and the tiger reached a stalemate, they sought resolution from the wise owl, renowned for its impartial judgments. The esteemed owl listened attentively to both sides of the argument.

The donkey passionately argued, “I’ve seen the grass as blue. It reflects the sky’s hue, a serene azure shade that fills me with tranquility.”

The tiger countered with conviction, “The grass is undeniably green, rich with chlorophyll, providing nourishment for all creatures in this habitat. I’ve lived here long enough to know.”

The owl, perched majestically on a nearby branch, observed the fervor in their voices. With a calm demeanor, it proposed a compromise. “Instead of fixating on what you perceive, why not consider the various viewpoints? Perhaps the grass isn’t solely blue or green. Can’t it change with the shifting light or one’s perspective?”

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