Funny Joke

Curious, the boy handed his mother a scribbled note as she cooked dinner.

The little boy stood before his mother, eyes sparkling with excitement and a hint of nervousness as he extended the crumpled paper toward her. His mother, mid-stir in a pot of bubbling stew, smiled warmly, wiping her flour-dusted hands on her apron before accepting the note.

Unfolding the paper, she found a jumble of colorful scribbles and crooked lines, a masterpiece in the eyes of a child. With a tender gaze, she glanced at her son, whose expectant expression mirrored the anticipation of a grand unveiling. “What’s this, sweetheart?” she asked, suppressing a chuckle at the abstract artwork before her.

The boy’s face lit up, his enthusiasm undiminished. “It’s for you, Mommy! It’s a drawing of us – you, me, and our dog, Sparky!” he exclaimed, his words rushing out in a flurry of excitement.

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