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Daddy, that man’s using a water fountain!

My kid and I were in a very crowded public restroom at a bustling sporting arena. The echoes of excited chatter and the clinks of jerseys being put on filled the air. Amidst the crowd, my son and I found ourselves squished into a corner, waiting for an available stall. As we stood there, my curious little boy craned his neck to look around.

He spotted a man using the urinal to his right and, with wide eyes, turned to me on his left, blurting out with a volume that seemed to fill the entire restroom, “Daddy, that man’s peeing like a fountain!”

Gasps and chuckles resonated through the room. I felt a sudden rush of heat spread across my cheeks, but I managed a nervous chuckle, hoping to alleviate any tension. “Shh, buddy! We don’t talk so loud in public restrooms, okay?”

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