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Old woman at bank denied $10 withdrawal, told to use ATM.

The old woman stood in front of the teller, a slight tremor in her hand as she extended her bank card, politely requesting a withdrawal of $10. The teller, a young woman with a friendly smile, regretfully informed her about the bank’s policy, encouraging the use of the ATM for such small transactions.

The elderly woman’s face displayed a mix of confusion and disappointment. She had always preferred the personal touch of interacting with the bank staff, finding comfort in the familiar faces and human connection. Despite the teller’s suggestion, she insisted, “Please, dear, could you help me? I’d rather not use the machine.”

The teller empathized with the elderly customer’s hesitation, noticing her unease with the automated process. Understanding the importance of customer service, she gestured kindly, inviting the woman to a separate counter. “Of course, I’ll assist you with this transaction right here. Your comfort is important to us.”

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