The man baffled the doctor: ‘The elephant knocked me down and had his.

The doctor leaned forward, eyebrows raised in anticipation. “Had his what?”

The man shifted uncomfortably on the examination table, hesitating before continuing, “Had his way with me.”

Silence hung heavy in the room. The doctor’s expression morphed from confusion to shock, then concern. “Are you saying… the elephant… assaulted you?”

The man nodded, his eyes fixed on the floor. “Yes, it’s hard to believe, but it happened. I was exploring deep in the jungle when I stumbled upon a herd. I must have startled one of them, and before I knew it, I was knocked down and… subjected to that.”

The doctor, although incredulous, remained composed. “Physically, I don’t see any harm, but emotionally, this must have been traumatic. I’ll refer you to a counselor specializing in post-traumatic stress disorder.”

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