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Boy waits for sister at toy shop in the market.

The bustling market street was alive with vibrant colors and a symphony of voices hawking goods and wares. Amidst the cheerful chaos, a young boy, with a mop of unruly hair and eyes brimming with curiosity, held his 4-year-old sister’s hand, navigating through the crowd.

Enthralled by the array of toys displayed in the shop’s window, the little girl came to a halt, her gaze fixated on a whimsical doll that caught her eye. Mesmerized by its twinkling eyes and a dress adorned with tiny sequins, she stood there, her small face pressed against the glass.

The boy, engrossed in the excitement of exploring the market, hadn’t noticed his sister’s sudden fascination with the toy store. As he strode ahead, a slight tug on his hand jolted him to a halt. Turning around, he saw his sister’s intent stare directed at the toy shop.

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