Fox dashes with rooster, chased by farmer and dogs.

Under the moon’s silver glow, the farm lay peacefully asleep, unaware of the impending turmoil. A crafty red fox slinked through the shadows, its eyes fixed on the prizeā€”a magnificent rooster, adorned with vibrant plumage, perched atop a wooden fence post.

With swift precision, the fox pounced, snatching the unsuspecting rooster in its jaws. However, before the thief could melt into the night, a sharp cry pierced the tranquil air. The farmer, roused from slumber by the commotion, bolted out of the farmhouse.

Upon witnessing the brazen theft, the farmer’s voice boomed across the silent fields, shattering the calm. “Thief! Stop right there!” he bellowed, unleashing his loyal dogs, Rusty and Bella, who wasted no time in giving chase.

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