TV news shows chaos: man drives wrong way, cars swerve.

Rebecca sat on her cozy couch, her gaze fixed on the TV screen. The evening news blared, reporting live from a helicopter hovering above a chaotic highway scene. Her heart raced as she witnessed the unnerving spectacle: a lone vehicle defiantly traversing against the flow of traffic. The newscaster’s voice quivered, describing the imminent danger.

Her mind spun with worry and concern for the unsuspecting commuters. A man going the wrong way? Panic surged through her. She envisioned the potential catastrophe unfolding—a chilling collision waiting to happen amidst the rush-hour chaos. Rebecca’s eyes darted between the screen and her phone, contemplating calling loved ones who might be on that highway.

Every passing second seemed agonizingly slow as she witnessed the scene unfold. The helicopter’s camera zoomed in on the reckless driver, oblivious to the impending disaster. Rebecca’s breath hitched, her heart heavy with dread for the innocent lives at stake. She prayed fervently for a miracle to avert the looming catastrophe.

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