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bird lay in the manure, it warmed and thawed.

bird lay in the manure, it warmed and thawed. As the warmth seeped through its feathers, the little bird began to regain consciousness. Blinking its tiny eyes, it discovered itself nestled in the midst of the manure. Though initially repulsed, the bird soon realized the life-saving gift the cow had unintentionally bestowed.

Revitalized and grateful for its miraculous escape from the harsh cold, the little bird fluttered its wings. Testing its newfound strength, it took off from the field, leaving behind the warmth of the manure and heading south once again. The cow, seemingly indifferent to the small creature’s departure, continued grazing in the expansive field.

As the bird resumed its journey, it encountered a flock of fellow travelers. Eagerly joining them, it shared its tale of survival and the unlikely source of its rescue. The other birds, initially skeptical, soon recognized the wisdom in the little bird’s story. They realized that sometimes, salvation comes from the most unexpected places.

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