Funny Joke

Criticism spurred as a man and son walked their donkey to market; told fools for not riding it.

The man considered the countryman’s words and decided to lift his son onto the donkey’s back. They continued their journey, the son enjoying the comfortable ride. As they approached the market, another passerby remarked, “Look at that selfish boy, riding while his poor father has to walk!” The man, concerned about public opinion, decided to switch places with his son.

Now the man rode the donkey, and they resumed their journey. As they strolled through the market square, a group of people chuckled at the sight. “How ridiculous! The man is comfortably riding while his young son struggles to keep up,” one person commented. The man, feeling the weight of judgment, decided to make a compromise.

They both dismounted the donkey and walked alongside it. As they reached the outskirts of the market, a couple passing by smirked and said, “What a waste of a good donkey! Why walk when you have a perfectly good animal to carry you?” The man, feeling bewildered and frustrated, contemplated the conflicting opinions.

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